Maïa Barouh is a vivid and eclectic young singer with origins in France and Japan. In 2005,

at the age of 22, she created a troupe of eccentric Japense artists called Cabaret Shinjuku and toured France,

and in 2007 produced a compilation album entitled Kusamakura to introduce this new Japanese scene.

She has performed extensively in Japan with her electric band

and has played with artists Shimizu Yasuaki, Arto Lindsay, Kip Hanrahan and many others.

Her latest project with producer Martin Meissonnier mixes the power and resonance of traditional Japanese chants

with electronic music and a contemporary, manga esthetic.

Maïa is a very original artist whose new show blends music, dance and highly original video effects.

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You can find Maïa's new

album on iTunes.



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"Sahmaoui’s exploration of the Gnawa Cosmos is some of the best gnawa you will hear… The trip of a lifetime."

Tim Cumming - The Independent

"There is not only passion aplenty but a lifetime of curiosity and learning on this debut album."

Andy Morgan - Songlines


"The album is an intoxicating affair, visceral and groove-centric yet also nuanced and multilayered."       Chris May - All about Jazz

KHALED - Liberté

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"Liberté matches Khaled's rasping, soulful and attacking voice against a variety of mostly acoustic settings(...) The result is an intense, emotional, but often subtle album, with songs ranging from the angry and passionate Raikoum to Gnaoui, a chanting, blues-edged piece influenced by the music of the Gnawas, whose ancestors were brought to North Africa as slaves."

Robin Denselow - The Guardian

"Liberté is the best work of his career."

Banning Eyre" - NPR Music




Black President


Music - Sangam


Juju Music






Brian Boru

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SEUN KUTI & EGYPT 80 - Many Things

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"This is a must-have for anyone with even an inkling of an interest in the fascinating wild yet intricate genre of afrobeat."

Sarah Chapman - Notion

"Since Fela Kuti's death in 1997, few musician's have stepped forward convincingly to either recreate the original root style or recalibrate it for a new era.

Until now that is, and Kuti's son Seun's magnificent, floor shaking Many Things."

Chris May - All About Jazz

The Music of SUNIL DEV


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"Without any form of accompaniment, Sunil Dev carries us off along the last unspoiled paths of what is one of the world's highest musical traditions."

Francis Dordor - Les Inrocks


Papa Wemba


Wa di yé


Abele Dance


Arthur H




Two Many Prisoners

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LOUIS BERTIGNAC - Grizzly (ça c'est vraiment moi)

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"His new album,

Grizzly, hits hard and strong.

Singing lyrics by Boris Bergman, Téléphone’s former guitarist, Louis Bertignac, takes us on an unfettered journey into some powerful, violent rock."

Bertrand Dicale - RFI Music

BIG MEN - Raï Meets Reggae

featuring Sly & Robbie, Horace Andy, Khaled, Gregory Isaacs, U Roy, Chaka Demus & Pliers...

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"Whoever experienced the sudden flash of the inspirational lightbulb that resulted in this series of collaborations deserves a warm handshake and a thumping pat on the back.
The bringing together or Algeria and Jamaica's finest works a treat, the low heavy beats of reggae and the dub culture setting the high singing of rai off to perfection.

And the names are indeed those of the Big Men: Kaled, U Roy, Horace Andy,Tarik, Chaka Demus and Pliers. Add Robbie Shakespeare and Sly Dunbar in the rhythm section and who could ask for more. Deserves to be the chill-out album of the summer."

Peter Bacon - The Birmingham Post

JIMMY PAGE & ROBERT PLANT - No Quarter (Preproduction)

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"With No Quarter the idea was to reopen doors. Page notes that 20 years ago they recorded Four Sticks and Friends (both reconsidered on No Quarter) with Indian musicians in Bombay, and Plant indicates that after sessions with the Meissonnier tapes they could hear possibilities opening up."

Graham Reid - Elsewhere